Hypnotically Comedic

Dan Lornitis

Sat 7/28 • 7:00p

Dan Lornitis is a comedy hypnotist par excellence. He's been mesmerizing audiences for years with his uniquely entertaining performance, where the audience volunteers are the stars! Dan uses hypnosis to entertain, never to embarrass or humiliate anyone. It's all good, wholesome, PG13-style entertainment. Think hypnotists are a "seen-one-seen-them-all" proposition? Well then you've never seen Dan in action. With his high-energy, larger-than-life personality and inimitable stage persona, Dan brings a whole new level of comedy entertainment to The Stage. With more than 4000 live performances to his credit, Dan is a master performer. He's sold out shows at theaters, casinos, and performing arts venues all over the United States, as well as cruise ships and USO shows for our military personnel overseas. He has also opened shows for such entertainment luminaries as Weird Al Yankovic, Louie Anderson, and Phyllis Diller. It's truly a unique—and wildly entertaining—experience that everyone will enjoy!