Naturally Funny

Mick Lazinski

Thu 8/8 • 7:30p

Raised in Wisconsin, Mick fell in love with custard; it’s like ice cream except with more fat. Smoking cigarettes in the alley and throwing snowballs at passing cars is how Mick cut his comedy molars. “I hung with a fun group of guys, cracking jokes, and usually tripped one of them whenever a dude, who’s car got bombarded with ice balls, engaged in a chase.”

Voted Class Clown and capable of making not only his cronies but adults laugh too, Mick knew he was on to something. Watching the 70’s innovative stand-up comedy shows: “Make Me Laugh” and “Norm Crosby’s Comedy Shop” nudged him to move to LA.

Monday nights he waited for hours in line at the Comedy Store to display his gift. Sundays at the Improv. After two years Mick moved to New York and eighteen months later was headlining clubs coast to coast.

Working clubs, casinos and corporate shows – Mick knows he only has to click his heels together and repeat “there’s no place like home” to be there along with getting on a plane.