Olivia Arrington

Thu 9/5 • 7:30p

Olivia's natural humor is drawn from growing upon the south side of Chicago in the Catholic school system. Never sheltered from the ups and downs of life, she always managed to see the
brighter side of every situation. Olivia Allen-Arrington is one of America's hottest rising, hard working, stand-up comedians! This ex-school Teacher and mother of three sons spans the globe
touring military bases, Theatres, and comedy clubs all over the world in Kosovo, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and Central America. Olivia has done more than 20 entertainment tours in Iraq and Kuwait since 2008.

She became a huge fan of comedy 22 years ago when attending a local Houston comedy club every weekend as an audience member. Suddenly a thought occurred to her....."Hey, I can do this!" After getting her courage and 5 minutes of comedy material together, Olivia took the stage. Her routine covers subjects from traveling the world, male-female relationships to loving yourself as you are to raising kids and life in general. Olivia’s performed on Black

Entertainment Television's nationally syndicated comedy show "Comic View" six times, as well as BET's Action PPV "Step Up To The Mike," and SiTV’s Latino Comedy Festival and she’s toured with Steve Harvey. Olivia has recently returned from a tour entertaining our troops in Middle East with Charlie Wilson, Howard Hewett, Tony Terry and Mr. Glenn Jones, Tonic, Gin Blossoms, The Sweet Hearts for Soldiers and The Shelia Marshall Band.